How start an escort business at home?

To be an escort is a choice that a lot of women have contemplated at some time, a lot more than you can imagine. But most only think about it and between their fears or prejudices end up deciding not to do it. The agencies like escortsbarcelona receive about 30 calls per week from girls who want reports on how to start in the business, but only 2 or 3 out of every 10 give the final step by starting up as escorts, of which more than half only do it for a couple of months and are removed when they have made enough money.

When you work on this and you start to get to know your companions, you are surprised to see different types of women who become escorts. The escorts are not addicted to drugs or sex, seldom it is the people who have been abused or women in conflict, trafficking of women with sufficient decision and confidence in themselves that they choose this profession for very different reasons.

Are you ready to be escort?

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is if you’re ready for this work. There are many women who appear to be very secure in themselves, open-minded and very liberal that after you do the work once or twice, decide they can’t continue because they are not prepared for this. As I’ve met girls extremely shy, or reserved, and the little time they are a success, enjoy the work and feel happy to be escorts.

No one can decide for you, there is not a test of vocation that you can evaluate whether you are ready to be escort. What you can do is to analyze coldly things, imagine yourself in the different situations that this implies and think as reaccionarías to that. In this site I hope to give you enough information that will help you to imagine yourself doing this work. If after taking your decision as you try and things don’t work out, it does not matter, what you tried, turn the page and continue with your life.

If you have decided that you want to do it, you know that type of escort you want to be and have you set some goals it is time for you to get customers. It is a fact, if you do not do enough money as an escort is because you don’t have a strategy to get customers. No matter the times, the crisis or the place in which you are, this business is active on a permanent basis from the beginning of time. With a marketing strategy, I’m sure that like me you will have your agenda filled in just a few weeks.